Our Services

At İnovakademi, our services can be categorized in 3 main groups. These services are Education, Consultancy and Turkish Government Incentives.

  1. Education
  2. Consultancy
  3. Turkish Government Incentives

our services can be categorized in 3 main groups.

We maintain sustainable collaborations with hundreds of Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Development Agencies, Exporters’ Associations, other Associations and NGOs throughout Turkey which we serve with our experts with an average of 30 years of experience in their fields. We support the corporate development processes of many SMEs and other companies from all industries.

Inovakademi Our Services

Our Training Programs

With our distinguished team of trainers, we organize practical trainings that are renewed according to the current developments in Turkey and worldwide, that provide realistic solutions to the business problems of companies, that also contribute to the creation of a qualified workforce. We offer our trainings under 4 main headings;

  1. Foreign Trade and Operations Trainings
  2. Marketing, Sales Strategies and Customer Relationship Management Trainings
  3. Institutionalization Trainings
  4. Digital Marketing Trainings
  5. Turkish Government Incentives Trainings

Our Consultancy Services

We contribute to the economic development of institutions with our distinguished trainers and consultants with an average of 30 years of sectoral experience. We initially perform SWOT analysis before starting our consultancy services and we offer solutions designed specifically for institutions. Following our consultancy and training program, we are extremely happy to have helped hundreds of companies that are able to transform their production potentials towards sales and exports with Inovakademi. Our consultancy services can be cited under the following headings;

  1. Foreign Trade
  2. Institutionalization
  3. Sales
  4. Analysis of Business Processes and Process Improvement
  5. Turkish Government Incentives

Turkish Government Incentives

There are various support items for exporters by the Ministry of Commerce and SME Development Organization (KOSGEB). As Inovakademi, we provide consultancy services for our companies to get the maximum benefit from these government incentives.

  1. Export Supports
  2. Service Export Supports

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