Experienced Staff Over 30 Years

Gökhan EROL

Our Staff: EROL, who is a graduate of A.U. Department of Business Administration, started his business life in the logistics sector and continued in Evyap Holding and Ödül İlaç companies. Since 2002, he has been sharing his 30 years of experience in the sector with his expertise in foreign trade, target market analysis, international marketing and state aids, training and consultancy works. He supports the training and employment of over 30 thousand qualified foreign trade specialists in many provinces of Turkey, and participates in conferences and seminars at universities. With his consultancy activities, He prepares SMEs for international competition and international trade, makes SWOT of institutions by applying the diagnosis/diagnosis processes of enterprises in general and international trade / foreign trade departments in particular, and creates roadmaps about the areas that can be improved and developed, and audits and reports the implementation successes.

He shares his experiences with university students and listeners who have just entered the sector, through a series of seminars called “Conversations Through Foreign Trade”. In 2010, the “Foreign Trade Fairies” project, of which he was the father and coordinator, made a sound with its success.

Currently, he is developing UR-GE (Turkish Ministry of Economy’s Incentives for the International Competition) projects for Chambers of Trade and Industry and Export Associations throughout Turkey. He also assists various Universities with their different projects.

Varol ÜNEL

Varol Ünel is a Bogazici University graduate with a degree in Business Administration. He further studied at Purdue University and got a MSc degree in Management.

He started his business career in Unifree Duty Free and then worked as Export Area Manager at Pak Holding. He then turned into an entrepreneur and ran his own trading company for decades, importing and exporting to and from the rest of the World.

He undertook several multinational responsibilities in Electrolux and Cummins utilizing his know-how in Free Trade Zones in Turkey. He is currently sharing his 35+ years of experience in foreign trade, international sales & marketing by organizing training sessions and consultancies.

Lately, he is working with “Small to Medium size Enterprises” (SMEs) to improve their management skills by using internationally recognized techniques as well as to assist their foreign trade departments and construct their roadmap for success.

Hüseyin TEKGÜÇ

Who is Huseyin Tekgüç, Huseyin Tekguc was born in 1955 at Mersin, have two children, 31 and 41 years old. He was graduated from the ADANA Academy of Economic Commercial Sciences (İktisadi Ticari İlimler Akademisi), Business Administration Department in the 1977-78 academic year. English knowledge is very good. Have experience in almost all aspects of foreign trade, mainly in export sales, relations with customers abroad, export implementation and operation, and regulations. Since 2001 he has been delivering seminars on “Foreign Trade Applications” as a freelance educator and/or as an accredited “SHORT TERM LOCAL EXPERT” under the educational projects supported by EU. Presently, have been acting as a foreign trade consultant to several companies and dealing with seminary/course studies about foreign trade.

Mustafa Ali KURTBAY

After graduating from Istanbul Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1990, he got his Master’s degree (with thesis) in the Department of Management, Accounting and Financial Control at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Business Administration, and continues his doctoral studies in the same department. He has been in Canada and England for a while for post-graduate education. He started his business career at TUBITAK in 1996 and since then he worked in several Top 100 Turkish companies in the fields of international business development, marketing, foreign trade and export, and acted as a consultant, mentor, trainer and department manager in some European Union projects. He has been to nearly 50 countries for business development in has also worked on brand management, quality management systems, R&D management, information systems, and management accounting. He has been awarded success plaques by the Turkish-Belgian-Luxembourg Trade Association, the Economist Magazine and the Istanbul Exporters’ Association, and his success stories have been published in various Turkish, German and French language magazines. He has got TUBITAK and International Coaching Federation accredited business development mentoring and coaching certificates.


Bülent ALTOPARLAK, who graduated from Eskişehir Anatolian High School and Anadolu University’s Department of Management Sciences in 1982, completed his military service and started his business career at Asil Çelik, the leading company of the metal sector. He was transferred to Unifree in 1987 and worked as the accounting and finance manager of the sister company UNIKA, and starting from 2002, he was promoted as the Antalya, Adana and Cyprus regional manager of UNIFREE, which is still Turkey’s largest Duty Free enterprise. As of 2005, he has carried out the Logistics processes of the Duty Free operation of ATU, which is also a subsidiary of the same group, at Atatürk Airport.

After retiring in 2009, he continued serving as Administrative Affairs and Human Resources manager at construction sites in Libya, Algeria, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan for various construction companies until 2018.

He returned to Istanbul in 2018 and has been sharing his experience in developing countries’ markets with SMEs willing to start exporting or needing support in similar areas. He provides consultancy services on Government Incentives, European Union, EBRD supports.


She graduated from Uludağ University’s Department of Environmental Engineering in 2006. She started her career as a project engineer in a company that offers turnkey treatment systems. In 2008, she started to provide consultancy on ISO 9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001), ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. She taught on Quality, Environment and Occupational Health Management Systems Basic, Standard training, 5S, Total Quality Management, etc.

She successfully completed the “10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Program” of Özyeğin University in 2013. In 2016, she worked as an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant in the project of “Tekirdağ Province, Marmara Ereğlisi District BOTAŞ LNG Operations Directorate, Additional Dolphin (Dolfen) Construction Work for Pier Legs”. In 2016, she added ISO 16949 Automotive Quality Management System to its consultancy services and started to provide training services on PPAP and FMEA. In 2017, she started to work as the Chief Auditor for ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems. In 2018, she worked as an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant in the project of “SABIHA GÖKÇEN AIRPORT Rail System Connection Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Works”.

She offered consulting services to various companies in the fields of GSM Infrastructure Installation Works, Vocational High School, Textile Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Aluminum Plate Manufacturing, Chemicals Manufacturing, Printing-Label Manufacturing, Mechanical Works, Engineering Services, Construction, Electric-Automation, Mold Manufacturing, Paper Machines Cylinder Coating, TV Distribution Products, Tourism Services, Jet Organization, Wind turbine Installation and operation, Scaffolding Framework Manufacturing, Automotive part manufacturing, etc..

She still provides training and consultancy services to Inovakademi as well as the Exporters’ Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


Born in Şarköy, Ms. RAMAZANOĞLU completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Şarköy, and her university education in Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. Then, she completed advanced MCSD and Google Adwords programs in the IT center.

Before joining Inovakademi, she worked at Arcus Cloud & Digital company for about 2 years. She is currently in charge of project management at Inovakademi.


He graduated from Hacettepe University’s Department of Economics in 1989.

In 1991, he started his career at Taiwanese CP Integrated Feed Industry as Sales, Shipment and Production Planning Officer. He then moved to Unilever as Sales Inspector in 1994, and led the sales teams for detergent, food, cosmetics and beverage categories in different cities for 8 years. He was then promoted to Food Category Chain Stores Manager, various Regional Director positions at Algida Ice Cream and finally made it Director in charge of Marmara Region. He retired from Unilever in 2019 with his 28 years of sales experience. For a short period of time, he carried out project-based ventures for distributorship organizations in Kazakhstan.

He shares his experience in sales training, organization establishment, reorganization, recruitment, compliance with competition institution decisions, coaching trainings, distributor organizations and agreements within Inovakademi.

Mehmet ADAK

He graduated from Hacettepe University’s Department of Economics in 1993.

He started his career at Yapı Kredi Bank after graduation. He then moved on to Unilever in 1995 as Sales Inspector and worked as a Sales Specialist, Regional Manager and Turkey FS Category Head in different cities of Turkey. He also took part in global projects. He worked as Marmara regional manager and FS category manager in Belgian bakery giant La Lorraine. He formed the sales teams and gave sales trainings. Later, he led the sales team of 4,000 people in Mihan, one of the largest FMCG companies in Iran, and directed the organization by creating strategies.

He shares his expertise in SME Consulting with his experience in sales training, organization establishment, reorganization, recruitment, compliance with competition institution decisions, coaching, trainings, distributor organizations and agreements within Inovakademi.


Born on 23.07.1990 in Istanbul, AĞCAGÜL completed her education at Anadolu University, Department of International Relations.

Previously, she worked as an Import-Export operation specialist for 3 years and as an export customer representative in customs consultancy for 4 years.

She continues to work as the State Supports coordinator at Inovakademi.


She graduated from Saint Michel French High School in 1989, graduated from Istanbul Technical University’s Department of Environmental Engineering and then Boğaziçi University Tourism Management in 1998. She worked as Arkas Lloyd Triestino Line Sales Representative for their West African line and then promoted to CMA-CGM French Line’s West Africa Commercial Manager. She now shares her experiences with Inovakademi and its solution partners.


She graduated from Ankara University’s Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Business Administration in 1990. She worked in the Foreign Transactions and Commercial / Corporate Marketing Departments of several banks such as Körfezbank, Tekstilbank, Arap Türk Bank, Denizbank. She also worked as Finance Manager in corporations. Lately, she has been giving seminars in the fields of “Financial management” and “Foreign trade” in line with her experience in the banking andother industries.

Tevfik Fikret CENGİZ

After being graduated from Hacettepe University as a Chemical Engineer, Mr. Cengiz completed his postgraduate education in Business and Finance at the Faculty of Political Sciences, the German REFA Institute Business study/Business analysis specialization and the EU Specialization programs at Ankara University. He worked in various industries (Petrol Office General Directorate, National Productivity Center, Mesa Dış Ticaret ve Pazarlama A.Ş., Local Administrations, GAP Administration) in public and private institutions. In addition, he worked as a technical specialist for five years in the UNIDO-Segem “Industrial Development” program implemented throughout the country, and gave training to industrial organizations on various subjects between 1980-1985. He worked both in the preparation and implementation of many rural development projects in the GAP region. He still gives freelance entrepreneurship training to OSIAD, Ankara Commodity Exchange and private institutions. He provides “project and financial consultancy” for Industrial Projects (Development Agencies, KOSGEB, TUBITAK) and Rural Development projects (IPARD). He shares his experiences within Inovakademi.


He was born in Istanbul in 1990. He has volunteered for a variety of non-governmental groups, including the TEMA Foundation, Greenpeace, and the TOG Foundation. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 2015 from Marmara University’s German Business Informatics Department. He gave social media and LinkedIn training to businesses and institutions to ensure that brands are properly represented in the digital world. While the Fabrikahane digital agency, of which he is a founding partner, offered digital marketing services to businesses, he was responsible for the establishment and implementation of digital marketing strategies for a number of brands, including Home Sweet Home, BNI Turkey, and and He returned to Turkey after working for Google Ads in Ireland and was responsible for development of Multiligo Agency. Barış Yaşbala, a professional in digital company growth, continues to advice on digital marketing for exports and new lead generation.


Deniz is a business and technology transformation leader, corporate innovation, venture investment and startup advisor. He has seasoned experience in entrepreneurship, management consulting, business development, technology delivery, execution, and research in established industries of various verticals and layers in telecom, banking, utility, manufacturing, retail, energy, supply chain, technology vendors, and system integration. Deniz is advising corporate innovators, investors, startups, scale-ups on emerging products, technologies, and business models. His focus for VCs and accelerators is mostly on effective and efficient governance in their deal funnel. He is also interested in a research-based problem-solving approach where he focuses on startup ecosystem development in emerging markets. He is interested in emerging technologies and practical innovation areas of AI, IoT, fintech, and enterprise applications. Deniz is a passionate practitioner of disruption, innovation, and performance improvement practices. He is an agile coach with a Certified Scrum Professional and has experience in applying lean and design thinking.


Born in Edirne in 1983, Kızılarslan started his education at Süleyman Demirel University’s Department of Machinery and Construction in 2000. He then studied Mechanical Engineering at Sakarya University between 2005 and 2009. He completed his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Trakya University between 2013-2016. He has been giving trainings on 3D Printers, Robotic Coding, AutoCAD, STEM, SolidWORKS, Reverse Engineering since 2014. It has developed products with its own design and patents. STEM Education materials design robotic coding sets. He developed the Desktop Filament Extruder, where plastic wastes are converted into filaments, and received R&D support from KOSGEB.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet TANYAŞ

He was born in 1954 in Eskişehir. He received his master’s degree in 1978 and his PhD in 1982 from Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) Mechanical Faculty, Industrial Engineering Department. He became an Instructor in 1984, Assistant Professor in 1986, Associate Professor in 1991 and Professor in 2006. He worked as a faculty member at ITU Industrial Engineering Department from 1983 to 2006, and during this period he held various administrative positions such as Deputy Dean, Department Vice President, Internship Committee Chairman, Faculty and Member of the Board of Directors and retired in 2006.

He gave lectures at various faculties and institutes of ITU, Air and Naval War College. He worked as the Coordinator of the ITU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Industrial Engineering Department Engineering Management (Non-Thesis Master’s Program) and ITU Continuing Education Center Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate Program. He is still working as the Head of International Logistics Department at Okan University. He was the Founding President of the Logistics Association (LODER) in 2001 and continued as the Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2006. He is still a member of the LODER Board of Directors.

In 2005, he carried out the Logistics Group Presidency of the Strategy Study of the Turkish Transport Master Plan prepared for the Ministry of Transport. He worked as a consultant in the Istanbul Metropolitan Area Urban Design Logistics Group. In 2006, he worked as a Consultant in KALDER Supply Chain Management Benchmarking Group Project. His areas of expertise are Production Planning and Control, Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management, and he provided project and consultancy services to many institutions and organizations such as AKSA Acrylic, TEMSA, Çanakkale Seramik, Turkey Maritime Enterprises, Turkish Ship Industry, General Directorate of Coastal Safety, Şişecam. He has many national and international publications and has given training at Siemens Academy, National Productivity Center, Lojitek, Turkish Textile Foundation, Tüsside, MESS, Microsoft, etc.


With more than 30 years of sales experience, Mr. Çakıroğlu graduatied from Ege University’s Faculty of Business Administration. He started working as salesperson in companies marketing durable consumer goods such as Hataş and Besa. After working as a sales representative for nearly 10 years at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, where he entered as a sales representative, he successfully continued his duty as the Regional Sales Manager. Between 1994 and 2010, he was appointed as Pfizer Team Sales Manager at the company headquarters, where he served as Sales and Marketing Manager and National Sales Manager. Mr. Çakıroğlu, who has 27 years of Sales and Marketing experience at Pfizer; is actively involved in the recruitment and training of sales representatives, the appointment, training and development of sales managers, the establishment and management of sales organizations, the establishment, direction and management of sales efficiency systems, sales performance measurement systems and evaluation.

He offers training and consultancy services to companies that want to improve their sales organizations and to share his experiences with young friends who want to improve themselves.

Dr. Atilla AYDIN

Mr. Aydın ​​graduated from Bursa Anatolian High School in 1982. Then, he completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University in 1987. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences-Public Administration Department in 1992 at IU. Graduated from Social Sciences Institute-Faculty of Economics – Money and Banking Department. He completed his PhD in 1999.

He worked in managerial positions in banking institutions for 8 years, another 8 years in the leasing sector, and then 11 more years in the textile sector. As a lecturer, he gave trainings at Istanbul University, Bahçeşehir University, Aydın University and York Institute. Some of the trainings he provides are: Banking, TL and Foreign Exchange Management, International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets, Fund Management in Banks, Foreign Exchange Markets, Treasury Management, Leasing & Factoring, FX (Foreign Exchange), Leasing & Factoring, Financial Intelligence, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Tools, Basic Accounting , Central Bank Banking, Evaluation of Investment Projects, Treasury Management, Turkish Economy, International Economy, Strategic Management, Finance Mathematics, International Money and Foreign Exchange Markets.

He is still involved in various training and consultancy projects in the field of finance within Inovakademi.