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About Us

With more than 30 years of training and consultancy experience, together with its distinguished instructors and consultants, Inovakademi brings concrete results and competencies to the lives of individuals and institutions with its pioneering, innovative training and consultancy approaches to contribute to economic development. We are proud we reached out to 30,000 + people with our trainings on Foreign Trade as well every step of corporate processes such as Budgeting, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, e-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Accounting and Communication Techniques. In addition, we have provided consultancy and training to hundreds of companies and NGOs, ensuring that their production potential is directed towards domestic and international sales, and we have been instrumental in increasing their export figures. For more information about us or about references, please contact us.

As İnovakademi, we are mainly active in 3 main fields : Trainings, Consultancy, Turkish Government’s Export related Incentives. We support the corporate development processes of our SMEs and companies from many industries. We organize trainings that are updated according to current developments in Turkey and in the world, that provide solutions to companies’ business problems and contribute to the creation of a qualified workforce. Prior to start consulting, we make dedicated SWOT analysis for the instutions to be able to produce specific solutions. With the consultancy and training given to hundreds of companies to date, we have enabled the production potentials to be directed towards sales and exports, and we have been instrumental in increasing exports.

Inovakademi provides consultancy services for our companies to ensure maximum benefit from government support.