• Foreign Trade

    • Advanced Applied Letter of Credit – 12 Hours
    • Foreign Trade Expertise – 12 Hours
    • Documents Used in Foreign Trade – 6 Hours
    • Target Market Analysis and Digital Marketing Expertise – 12 Hours
    • Target Market Analysis and Digital Marketing – 6 Hours
    • INCOTERMS 2020 – What’s New – 6 Hours
    • Government Incentives – 2 Hours
  • Other Topics 

    • Government Incentives for export – 1 Hour
    • Government Incentives the Logistics Sector – 1 Hour
    • Government Incentives for e-exports – 1 Hour
    • Government Incentives for Health Tourism – 1 Hour

Online Trainings

What is Online Training?

With the development of technology in the education industry, many innovations have occurred. In addition, during the Covid-19 epidemic, which we were obliged to be retreated to our homes, online trainings quickly became an alternative to classical ones. In fact, online education is a method that redefines the education system where the lecturer and the student are in different environments, that is, independent of the place.

Online education is an education system that does not have borders in itself. It provides information transfer to people of all age groups who are open to learning, independent of time and place. Anyone with internet connection and necessary devices with internet access can benefit from these trainings.

In addition, due to the Corona virus epidemic, distance education in the world and in our country creates an opportunity to further receive trainings on the subjects we want to improve ourselves.

How Does the Education Process Work?

Online education is an education system where anyone who can connect to the internet can get information using devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets in any environment, without space and time limits.

All processes related to Online Trainings are completely completed in digital environment.

These processes are as follows;

  • Select the training you would receive from the “Our OnlineTrainings” page;
  • Make your payment through the bank;
  • Get your e-invoice to your e-mail address;
  • Get all information about education and your digital lecture notes;
  • Attend, watch and participate the trainings digitally;
  • Earn and get your certificate through the courier service.

What are the benefits of Online Education?

  • You will not waste time in traffic;
  • The fee is much affordable compared to classical trainings;
  • Similar to classical trainings, you may ask the instructor a question and get the answer;
  • You can attend the trainings practically from anywhere;
  • You would not need any special equipments, your mobile phone is more than enough;
  • If there is a subject/question you do not understand, you can always contact the instructor via e-mail or alternative channels.

For detailed information please contact

    Gökhan EROL
    e: gerol@inovakademi.com
    g: 05337611934
    t: 02167097332
    f: 08505223403