Our trainings are organized by the Inovakademi’s very own, experienced and distinguished instructors, which are updated according to the current developments in Turkey and in the rest of the world. We provide solutions to the business problems of companies and contribute to the creation of a qualified workforce.

Our corporate trainings are grouped under 3 main headings:

  • Foreign Trade and Operations
  • Corporate processes
  • Marketing, Sales Strategies and Customer Relationship Management

The contents described on our website are for general understanding of the subject matter. In corporate trainings, we re-define the syllabus according to the needs of the institution and the participants. Please contact us for detailed information about the TAPU® method we use during the analysis.

Our Various Trainings

Foreign Trade and Operations

  • Target Market Analysis and Commercial Intelligence
  • Foreign Trade Operations (Advanced Level)
  • International Delivery Methods, Risks and Cost Analysis (INCOTERMS 2020)
  • Letter of Credit Procedures and Applications (Advanced Level)
  • Cost Management in Foreign Trade Operations
  • Documents Used in International Trade and Their Analysis
  • Introduction into the African Market
  • Exporting in 10 Steps for SMEs
  • Target Market Analysis and Digital Marketing

Excellence in Corporate Processes

  • Corporate processes in Family Businesses
  • New Generation (Second Generation) Patrons Academy
  • Fundamentals of Process management

Marketing, Sales Strategies and Customer Relationship Management Trainings

  • Basic Sales Management
  • Basic Sales Skills
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Basic Sales and Marketing Techniques
  • Making a Difference in Sales with Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Sales Performance Development
  • Restructuring in Sales Organizations
  • Managing the Sales Organization and Focusing on the Target

For detailed information please contact

    Gökhan EROL
    g: 05337611934
    t: 02167097332
    f: 08505223403